What are the conditions for applying for housing in Beijing in 2016?

What are the conditions for applying for housing i

What are the conditions for applying for housing in Beijing? Beijing self-occupied commercial housing was launched by the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee in 2013. The price of such housing is about 30% lower than that of the surrounding commercial housing. It is suitable for families who meet the restrictions on purchase in the city. After purchasing such housing, it is not allowed to be listed within five years. After five years, 30% of the proceeds from the listing are turned over to finance. Self-occupied commercial housing buyers have a wider range of people, mainly in the social sandwich class, who cant afford ordinary commercial housing but do not qualify for the purchase of affordable housing. Beijing self-housing application conditions 1, no family or no housing, Beijing households can apply for self-occupied commercial housing; 2, non-Beijing households who meet the purchase conditions and have no housing under the name (need to hold valid temporary residence permit, continuous 5 years (inclusive) or more in the city to pay social security or individual tax, you can buy a self-occupied commercial housing); 3, singles purchase Beijing self-occupied commercial housing needs to be 25 years of age; 4, the citys household registration of no-family home And families who are currently waiting for affordable housing and price-limited housing can purchase first. Conditions for the purchase of self-housing in Beijing 1. No-family households in the North City (including both huand and wife and minor children), of which single persons must be at least 25 years of age. 2. Affordable housing and price-limited commodity housing are waiting for families. Note: Eligible families can only purchase a set of self-occupied commercial housing. Beijing self-housing application process I. Registration on the online site must be carried out in two steps according to the division of responsibilities. The Municipal Housing Construction Committee is responsible for guiding and supervising the sales management of the citys self-occupied commercial housing, and the developer is applying for the self-occupied goods to the Municipal Housing Construction Committee website. Before the housing pre-sale permit or the existing house sales registration procedure, it will be published on the website of the Municipal Housing Construction Committee and the sales site for not less than 15 days. At that time, ordinary people can see the project name, company name, project location, number of sets, floor area, and average sales price from these publicity contents. If you really want to buy a house for a project, in the public notice period of not less than 15 days, the public can submit relevant materials according to the requirements of ordinary house purchase; after passing through the affordable house and the two restricted houses, they must submit the "Beijing residents". The purchase of affordable housing / limit commodity housing application filing not


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