How to use the car mortgage loan calculator

How to use the car mortgage loan calculator How to

How to use the car mortgage loan calculator How to use the car mortgage loan calculator? The details are as follows: The first thing to know is that the loan car calculator is a calculator specially used to calculate the monthly loan of a car loan. Different repayment amounts can be calculated according to different repayment methods, repayment years and interest rates. In addition, the annual interest rate is different from that of the local area. A good car loan calculator needs strong back-end data support. First, the car mortgage loan calculator use steps: 1), the loan applicant chooses the province and the city (according to different cities, the interest rate of the car purchase is different); 2), the loan applicant fills in the car bare car price (not including the card, Purchase tax and other expenses); 3), choose the type of loan (ie, repayment method); 4), the loan applicant enters the down payment (the minimum can not be less than 30% of the car price); 5), the loan applicant chooses the repayment period (Optional from 13 months to 60 months); 6), loan applicant clicks to calculate. Example: Cruze 1.6 SL MT, official guide price: 108,900 yuan, regional choice: Hangzhou, input down payment: 30%, choose Duration: 3 years, repayment method: search money network direct passenger car loan, the calculation result of this calculator is: monthly repayment of 2000 yuan. Second, the purchase car mortgage loan cost calculation: calculated monthly supply price is bare The price to be paid each month after the car price loan. After calculating the monthly payment in the same way as the search for money, the initial payment for the purchase of the car = the down payment ratio of the bare car price + tax (purchase tax, vehicle and vessel use tax) + insurance fee + card fee; total car purchase fee = initial Cost + monthly repayment period; the search for direct customer repayment method has a lower monthly supply, and the monthly repayment pressure is all, which will not have much impact on the quality of daily life. Further reading: What bank loans are right for me? What is the interest on unsecured loans? How much mortgage loan interest can I borrow?


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