You don't know the loan review skills (dry goods)!

You dont know the loan review skills (dry goods)!

You dont know the loan review skills (dry goods)! In the initial review of the borrowers information, each of the loans shall be verified by telephone on the loan application and the basic information of the investigation with the borrower, the borrowers family, the guarantor, etc. This verification process is generally referred to as the nuclear power in the industry. . In addition to the power core, in order to prevent employees moral hazard, in addition to checking the power out of the nuclear, it is necessary to conduct a site review of a certain percentage of the business. The company should formulate the selection rules for the spot check business. The basic principle is that it cannot be recommended by the loan officer. The combination of random extraction and decision maker designation is determined, but it is necessary to ensure that the scope of the review covers all loan officers within a certain period of time. During the on-site review process, the focus should be on solving the problem, focusing on the authenticity of the business project, the rationality and authenticity of the loan use, and the accuracy of the business data. Before the power core, the network core inspection post should be based on the review of the materials handed over by the business department before the power core. The main methods include the customer name, company, mobile phone number and related information. Words are searched by Baidu and GOOGLE, such as name judgment, name overdue, name black list, name loan, name company name, name dispute, company and affiliate name, name region overdue, name region blacklist, name territory loan, name job abbreviation, mobile phone number, etc.; query the borrowers corporate website, personal website, corporate blog, personal blog, corporate microblog, personal microblog (if any), query country business The “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System” of the General Administration of the Peoples Republic of China,, the website of each provincial and municipal industrial and commercial bureau, the national organization code management center of the credit network, and the website: http://www., the Supreme Peoples Court “National Court Examined Persons Information Enquiry System”, website: Peoples Court The National Court of Justice Letters Exemption List Information Inquiry System, Website:, National Citizen ID Card Number Service Center, Website: The Supreme Peoples Court "Chinese Judgment Document Network" [limited to referee documents] Website: www.court. Cn/zgcpwsw. 其他网站略。(以上渠道均为参考,并根据业务需求。)核心要点及注意事项1。在核核借款人和借款人的相关信息和语音信息◆电核对象


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