Can I buy a special room to take advantage of it? Beware of the number game in the discount

Can I buy a special room to take advantage of it?

Can I buy a special room to take advantage of it? Beware of digital games in discounts Special room is a weapon for many real estate competitions. Many real estates will preach "there are not many special rooms", so the special room is really like the advertisements? After a field investigation, the reporter found that some real estates do have special housing, but some special rooms give people a feeling of being fooled. Usually, the buyers understanding of the special room is to take out the sale house for the purpose of promotion under the same house conditions. But many times, the concept of the developers special room is not the same as that of the buyers. The reporter visited several properties with special room sales and found that there are two kinds of special rooms on the market: one is lighting and the floor is not good. One is the price of the whole building. Houses with poor lighting and poor floors are the most difficult to sell. Usually, this type of house is difficult to sell even in the late stage. The price of the whole building is indeed a genuine price. It is difficult to have legal protection for the donated area. Developers often use the slogan of the gift area. Can those areas promised to you really enjoy it? “In terms of giving away area, man-made operability is very strong, and buyers rarely seldom take advantage of it.” A real estate practitioner told reporters that many times the area donated by developers has already been counted in the total. The room is in the middle of the room, but the buyers are not clear; sometimes the area given by the developer is the bay window and the patio. 前段时间,济南有一个房地产销售,并承诺客户买房子送面积。事实上,该区域是建筑的庭院。后开发商承诺建设的经验,他会帮助买家修改墙把庭院在整体使用面积?的房子?。这礼物是违法的,而赠送面积不能写进购房合同及房地产证。即使开发商承诺赠送的使用面积的一部分,如果开发商不履行承诺的时候,交接,买方没有捍卫权利的方式。在未来,如果买方要贷款和出售该物业,面积?礼物不能评估?。所有的交易都是按照购房合同或房产证。数字游戏的折扣,记者调查发现,不少房地产提供了一个广泛的折扣:9.9倍的贵宾卡,9.9倍的银行贷款,9.8倍的开幕当天,9。优惠10 %各种折扣足以引起头痛,和一些房地产需要增加5000元30000元”、“支付20000元到50000元”甚至“日进百金”等优惠。为什么开发商玩数字游戏吗?什么药在开发商葫芦卖吗?为什么不让


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