Rong 360: Two sets of down payment 40% have already implemented a number of banks to implement the n

Rong 360: Two sets of down payment 40% have alread

Rong 360: Two sets of down payment 40% have already implemented a number of banks in Wuhan to implement the new property market in Wuhan to implement the healthy and sustainable development of the Wuhan property market and implement the differentiated housing credit policy. From September 1st, the households applying for commercial loans will have in this city. 1 set of housing, in order to improve living conditions in Jiangan, Jianghan, Qikou, Hanyang, Wuchang, Qingshan, Hongshan District and Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (excluding Hannan District), Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Donghu Eco-touri Scenic Spot For the second and above commercial housing, the minimum down payment ratio is not less than 40%. The specific down payment ratio is reasonably determined by the bank according to the borrowers repayment ability and credit status. Other credit policies (including housing provident fund) are still in accordance with the original standards. carried out. According to the monitoring data of Rong 360, nine banks including industry and commerce, construction, transportation, and postal services have implemented two sets of 40% new mortgage policies since September 1. The new rules for banks such as China Merchants, CITIC, and Hankou will be issued in a few days. The second set of interest rates is still 10% higher than the benchmark. More Wuhan mortgage information: https://www.rong360. Com/wuhan/fangdai/search?px=1 Pay attention to the “Fang 360 Loan” (fangdai123) public number, click on the menu “I want to loan”, art match, manual service, and easily find the right loan. Borrowing money can be so intimate. Back to the mortgage information home page You may need these mortgage loans to have a mortgage record to borrow 500,000 maximum amount 0. 37% Minimum monthly interest rate 1 day The fastest lending time Apply now to save this article to my mailbox to subscribe to mortgage, real estate news Sweep, make buying a simpler! Welcome to pay attention to 360 mortgage official WeChat (fangdai123) Buying tools: mortgage calculator | provident fund calculator | tax calculator | equal principal VS equal principal and interest


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