Venus will be retrograde from September to October, and the four great zodiac will be frustrated!

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More fortune information, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Yi Qi eight characters in early October, the huge "Venus retrograde" has entered the field of vision of many people, the impact of this astrology will last until the end of November, about 1 month, Many people have no big idea about this word. Simply speaking, it is the “water reversal” in the field of emotional relations, which will bring turbulence, repetition, challenges and some worthwhile situations to the field. We will usher in a month that is prone to emotional crisis. Quarrels, breakups, predecessors, and love are not allowed. There are too many factors that can make us feel emotional damage! Which zodiac feelings will be easily affected, and what are the precautions? Zodiac cattle: rotten peach, contradiction [single] Although there is a peach fortune in the near future, the relationship between you is difficult to develop substantially. It is possible that you met a person, who was deeply attracted to him, but did not dare to tell your own mind, or a huge gap made you discouraged, but you are unwilling to let go of it, think about it, your heart will Tell you what you want to do. It is also possible that you have started a relationship, the other person's words and deeds sway your heart, but no further action, or calm down to enjoy the single time. [People in Love] Your relationship seems to be very stable at present, but the recent fortune is unfavorable for feelings and emotions. It is recommended to talk to the other half to talk about it, and think about the good past with the other half. Experience something new and you will find that the other person is still the one who makes you feel. Precautionary methods: Pay attention to the all frictions in the process of communication, and don't think that the current relationship should be reasonable. Zodiac sheep: the situation of weak love, breaking up [single person] being pursued, being shown, and being admired sometimes occurs. Although peach blossom seems to be quite a lot, it is easy to hesitate. It is recommended to choose the one that you like to try to develop. Dealing with relationships can easily lead to missed opportunities. [People in Love] People with partners are prone to misunderstandings and differences, making the relationship fluctuate repeatedly. If you really don't miss this relationship, the end is also a choice. This is also a good time to test the relationship, sort out the problems between you, and seriously think about whether you really want to be with each other for a long time. Precautionary methods: Maintain good interaction and communication, share each other's minds, create more romantic atmosphere, and warm up the relationship. Zodiac chicken: Yusi, battle [single person] The recent desire for love deepens, but it is difficult to meet the object of the favorite, it is difficult to meet the opposite sex of the spirit, the relationship between the favorite object is difficult to further develop, it is recommended to slow down slightly , adjust the mental state. Think about what you really want? What are the unmet needs? Some may fall into awkward relationships, remember to pay more attention to the contradictions and obstacles between you, and do not despise everything. [People in Love] Don't put all your thoughts on your "better future". Think about what you are pursuing at this moment or whether you want to "need". Many times this month, you will ignore the other person's emotions and cause invisible damage. Through this opportunity, you can reflect on the relationship problem, share the feelings with the other party, or discuss the problems between you, try to understand each other's ideas, rather than blindly dissatisfied, bring irreparable damage to the relationship. Precautions: Don't put all your attention on yourself. Sometimes the feedback from the other person will make you happier. Zodiac pigs: 暧昧, break up [single person] around the appearance of the opposite sex, attract your attention, it seems that the other party is also of special concern to you, but your relationship is always in a state of near and far. You can never imagine that the next response from the other person will make you sweet or heartbroken, and you will not be able to give a "appropriate" response oothly. In a short time, you may still have to maintain this embarrassing relationship and it is difficult to achieve substantial progress. [People in love] are prone to disputes due to small things, or because of emotional impulses that cause contradictions. It is recommended to let go of their "prejudice", take a good look at the relationship, and think about whether you should make some changes to promote the relationship to benign development. Don't say anger, some hurts even if you "repent", you will leave scars. In addition, some people have a bad temptation around them, communicate with the other half, share their life and ideas, and adjust the pace of life. If you can't face it positively, your feelings will face great threats. Precautionary methods: Pay attention to the boundaries between others and not bring the emotions in trivial matters into the relationship.


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